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So after a bit of an expedition up north, i have acquired some of  JB's Moto Martin.:D

I dont think ill call it Martin, Ill call it Brian:)


Anyway long term project this one, good starting point, and the R1 suspenders from the 7/11 I was doing, mostly fit.:tu


the back wheel slotted in and the front just needs new sterring head taper rollers...

The Frame is 62mm I/D, slingy stem needs 25mm top and 30 mm bottom, but luckily 25/62/17.3 mm and 30/62/17.3 mm are readily available, all be it a bit pricyO.o






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21 hours ago, fatblokeonbandit said:

Not sure how but the motor is 5 mm off to the Port side!??O.o


better take all the spacers out and see what ive done wrong:tu



There’s a good chance it was like that when I had it Gary, all the mounts had been made by the previous owner and I never removed the engine or properly checked alignment. I’m sure you’ll sort her out, it’s coming along really nicely 


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