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3 hours ago, rodneya said:

That looks like a lot of work.

You would have to make a mould of the tank and use vacuum bags and all the special layers that go with it to get a tank without pinholes. And it will still need a liner to stop the crappy stuff in the fuel from eating the inside.

Cheers,  all advice welcome  . I have tried the vacuum bag thing since then, much nicer parts 

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Lets see if I can make sense of this pic dump 

On the cross bar behind the engine is the M Unit, on it's m unit plate , the ECU in a little ally box and the iat sensor from the airbox

under the seat was somewhat pressed for space, I kinda built the bike and worried about electrikery later . I did make up a tray and managed to fit in the m lock, a servo eliminator, a speedo healer,  a PC V, a usb connector, an overflow tank with the original Suzuki cap and underneath it the reg rec

the subframe at this point was only connected at the rear with the seat mount on the top rail, so I machined up an X brace and a bar for across the back , neither of these are ever seen, but I like them  

cross bar fitted out.jpg

cdi in box.jpg

power commander fitted.jpg

mlock mount1.jpg

munit mount2.jpg


m unit.jpg

reg rec fitted.jpg

usb fitted1.jpg

subframe rear1.jpg

subframe rear.jpg


overflow tank fitted.jpg

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found a pic of the speedo healer 

now that the airbox lives in a corner of the garden, I was able to fit an electrics tray above the engine, it housed the super light battery, which my expensive mosfet reg/rec killed (I resorted to the stock reg/rec and battery) . The horn and starter solenoid found a home there too 

The Pair valves were blanked off too, I should have more pics, but this is the only one I can find just now 


speedo healer.jpg

tray in.jpg

battery fitted.jpg

battery tray.jpg

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I'd already made up headlight brackets when Deeks had the light, I made up a set of nylon fork leg brackets to be sure they'd fit, then replaced them with ally ones. Once they were on i was able to make up mounts for the front indicators 

the headlight surround went off to Deeks for paint 

headlight assembled1.jpg

headlight assembled.jpg

headlight clamps1.jpg



indicator mounts.jpg

clamps fitted.jpg

final headlight clamps.jpg

headlight 1.jpg

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since the fancy wheels came from a K2 , I figured a K2 sprocket would fit..... it didn't, It actually fit right over the sprocket carrier... which was actually quite serendipitous , owing to the fact that i'm a twat and made the frame too narrow where the chain passes .... durrrrrrr

lets buy a 520 chain, grab a little room, and make an adaptor to move the sprocket inboard, pretty sure I moved the front inboard too 

sprocket carrier1.jpg

sprocket carrier.jpg

chain run.jpg

oversize sprocket.jpg

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the rest of the paint was applied, the seat went off to Devon to be covered, ramair filters fitted, HRC rear brake hose and then off to Ade and Blair to be wired up 

I fitted the Leo Vince SBK can,  It was a little long, but it's a nice can , then onto the Dyno 

After that it was MSVA,  I had considered just using the original frame number, but after speaking to MDM and Jason Flather I went for the test,  It wasn't as bad as i heard, paperwork was a bit stressful, but perfectly do-able 

passed, mot'd, insured 


lets ride 


....to be continued 

seat fitted.jpg

gsxr seat.jpg


ram air.jpg


wired up.jpg

blue tank4.jpg

blue tank1.jpg

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i never rode it without the eliminator with the servo removed, i can't remember if it would go into limp mode or would just be a light on the dash , I know that removing the clutch switch puts it into a zero map, it doesn't run right, loses power, simply removing the servo may do the same? i'm not about to take it off to see :D, but I will try to remember to make enquiries as to what happens  

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as nice as the can was , I couldn't get my right foot on the peg properly , to the point riding it hurt my ankle,  so time for a can change,  the Harris one looks much better on the bike , sounds great, and don't interfere with my foot. 

fitted dry breaks (did i mention that before?)  brilliant for when you need to pop the wheels out 

traipsed around the West Coast to check everything was all good , then off to the IoM  






trial run.jpg





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by the time I got to September I'd got sick of patching up the leaky tank, so it needed sorting. 

initial plan,  chop the arse out of the glass tank and make a fuel cell , I almost finished it too , got half way back to the van with both parts, ready to fit a filler neck.... but the cover still weighed more than the tank .... nah, that's not happening 

lets make a full tank , it's still a little heavy, I had a load of 3mm sheet, bit thick, but I have it 

lets get to the English wheel.... oh yeah, I don't have one, sandbag.... nooo, wooden mallets..... nope.... if fact there appears to be a lack of any sheet metal working tools ... never mind, carry on 

bend stuff around gas bottles, bench vice, 4lb copper mallet, nylon mallet, I somehow muddled through  and Deeks made it look nice ...somehow . 

If I make another I'll make better tools 


then a bit of paint and yellow wheels 

and that's where we are 












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checked out the spring, it has a 525lb  one, needs to be about 480,  feels so much better with the lighter spring,  sort out ordering tomorrow . Super stiff spring might suit the fast guys, I'm a doddery auld cunt with too many injuries to count, I need the softer one 

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On 6/6/2021 at 8:27 PM, yantosh said:

you can see on the end of the cross piece where one of the tubes had to be skimmed, that was a bit more of a fucker to do than I expected, the little bit wanted to pop out of the vice once the tube was split and the long ones were interesting to clamp.... anyone who machines metal will have had those jobs where it's a sigh of relief when it finishes without disaster ... or is it just me ?

O yes, with thin walled stainless tube in the lathe always one to look forward to :S

Brilliant build.


On 6/6/2021 at 8:27 PM, yantosh said:



On 6/6/2021 at 8:27 PM, yantosh said:



On 6/6/2021 at 8:27 PM, yantosh said:



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