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Show us your Turbo/super charged bike

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On 10/16/2021 at 2:27 PM, Gpz1100_Convert said:

only added because I'm dead pleased with daves work. nice bit of polishing by a mate too. Them were good chips and pickled onions that day :)


I'm in Texas and it's great seeing all the different styles in the UK and abroad. That's a great looking ride. Super clean build.

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9 hours ago, Reinhoud said:

Going to get expensive? ;)

Hmm. I hope not xD

It will if i start trying to finish it "my way"

But i have had it on the road and ridden it quite some, all seems in order on the engine side pretty much.

For frenching it up closer to what Monsieur le Policier would prefer seeing/hearing of such a bike, it will be getting a full fairing and an exhaust system that provides a silencer where the plod is used to seeing one.

All in due time.

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