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Show us your Turbo/super charged bike

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No clue if there is already a topic like this..


There are people here with turbo charged bike, I only have seen the bikes of 3 members here..

I'm curious how the other bikes look like..


So, please, show us your bike, bragging about numbers is always good ;)


Here's mine; 1979 Suzuki GS1000 with a 1245cc big bore, stronger internals, small turbo, not overly fast, more a very smooth engine.

I don't need to shift back when I want to overtake something. Although it isn't really fast, it's not slow either!! It's never unpredictable, but on the other hand it lifts the front wheel in 3rd gear..




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On 6/6/2021 at 10:41 PM, vizman said:

MTC pistons, FBM turbo system, BFT stuff.... disappointed dyno run @150 something bhp until I realised I’d snapped the waste gate actuator arm and it was wedged open....fixed now.


I love the first models of the GSXR's


How much HP after you fixed the waste gate?

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1 hour ago, R1guy said:

Can I play? My old bike, no longer exists in this form.

•Fbm turbo kit

•wiseco 1216 pistons

•Fbm lockup 

•made 224bhp on bigCC rolling road



I remember Dave doing the kit for this.

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1 hour ago, MeanBean49 said:

How is it with the upgraded Turbo? :ph34r:

It's running around 200rwhp at the moment Rob,still in setting up phase really,feels quick enough on the road,it'll go back on Nicks dyno at somepoint,it's pushed me down the seat a couple of times already,no idea what boost,no gauge on it at the moment,the hp figure is from one of the dyno runs at Nicks.

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This is my ‘scruffy slingy’ 

unsure of power, late 100s running a standard b12 with sp turbo kit. 
r1guys old lock up clutch (above)

got a set of busa pistons and another b12 motor to aim for 250bhp. 
Could do with extended swingarm in time. 


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20 hours ago, Gixer1460 said:

This is the most Bonkers thing in the whole list - I really want to see it succeed - 100+ hp in that ickle thing will be mad!

Thanks boss, it's getting there, I got it to rev to about 7K before the stuttering so i've made a few tweaks to the jetting and float bowl compensation hoses but haven't had chance to test it properly yet

14 hours ago, clivegto said:

What is its total weight. 

It was approx 158kg with oil but no fuel using the everso reliable bathroom scales and block of wood technique

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