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So I couldn’t pass this one up.

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Saw this posted online while sitting at a bar getting drunk last night with a friend. Started emailing, then texting, and went and checked it out today. It’s missing the uppers, has the mids and lowers, would love to restore it to full fairings if I could ever find an upper. Has a yosh top triple and one case cover. Will be getting a bandit engine soon enough, but fuck I could not pass up on those beautiful purple wheels. 

Does anyone remember what color the front fender was? I need to replace it and the front tire immediately. 


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Anyone know if the early W front fenders were compatible? Only fenders I'm finding on Eblag are missing tabs and they want stupid money for them.


Never mind, looked up the part number and saw that it's the same from 90-95. Got a decent W one ordered up for a fair price.

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I googled it.
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Took it out for a spin with a couple friends on slabbies last night. Speedo needle didn’t like doing a ton on the local shit roads. I’ve got a nicer 1100 cluster that I might swap the tach and mount up, or I’ll just live with it and ride it all summer. I’ve had so many of these damn needles snap over the years. 


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