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They use to make the inside a bit deeper to stop the slider coming up as high. ,hence not getting full power. Not sure if the german ones did. If you check the part numbers with  UK model , soon show what has been changed. I am fairly certain the ECU is where most of the restrictions are. Be careful tho as the 94-95 ECU have a different plug. 

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By the look of things in the manual, the german bikes have smaller main jets. You should have 112.5 for number 1&4, 115 for 2&3 on UK bikes. I'll look on my bike in morning for ECU i think it's 17e20 But i shall check laters. I think the cams are the same.

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The restricted watercooled 750 for the french market has the following specific to limit HP


- Exhaust header

- camshafts

German market wasn't restricted as far as i'm aware ? But if yours is lowered to 104 HP those are the main points that will probably need looking at

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My 750WR from Germany had 25kW in papers;)
Washers and reducers were inscribed. Washers have not been found and this is probably

why this motorcycle was real estate at the time of purchase.

But the reducers were very restrictive (38mm carburetors). 


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Yer bike looks Lush. Just had a look at mine. It has sat in the garden for two years under a plastic cover. looks very sorry. o.O i went out to do some work on it today but then startin f'ing raining. I'll do my best to get it back on the road this week coming. i need to know if i can still ride her. Time will tell.

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