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Dyno Day 2021


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2 hours ago, Allspeeds said:

Great day! great people! would be great to do again next year with more of you especially if Clive would be happy to host again? A good weekend out for you guys and girls 

Thanks Nick for letting us loose in your surgically clean workshop. Nice to meet you. Will be back down soon :tu

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Fantastic weekend, big thanks to Clive for letting us all kip in his yard (or for a certain someone the cold hard floor of the barn!) and for a tour of his fav scratching roads....think I might shorten the wheelbase on mine next time :D.

Thanks Paul for organising it all and to all that turned up. Cheers till next time (y)

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12 minutes ago, Allspeeds said:

Wish we’d had time to put a sticky tyre on havocs bike to stop it spinning that’s a 250hp bike easy boost proper hard :pimp:

I'm just happy the oil stayed on the inside :) 238 bhp and 148 ft lb of torque with a nice safe rich mix is cool. Thanks man, excellent day. Accommodation was outstanding too.


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First of all,thanks to Nick for hosting the Dyno Day,thanks to Clive and the lovely Julie for letting us stay at the farm and the beers and barbecue,we had a great time all weekend,fantastic ride out on Saturday afternoon which tied my bike in knots:D My bike did 160rwhp on the dyno which is quite disappointing but it is super rich according to the afr reading so more work to do for me,still I enjoyed it a lot.At one point we had 5 turbo bikes riding together on the road back to Clives place,awesome:pimp:.I shall let the other lads tell you there Bhp if they want to,all in all a cracking weekend has been had.Thanks to all that attended and maybe we can get more people for the next one.





















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Mine was going lean nearer top end, so wasn't pushed on the dyno.....better than going pop! Don't think Nick has seen a grown man cry in his dyno room before. So I was a bit disappointed, but just means I need a dyno day at Nicks to sort it and who doesn't love a day at the sea side? 

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