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New (to me) Katana

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New member here from Canada.

Ive just about finished modifying my 1973 RD350, so I found a new project. I had a Katana 750, 1100 and 1000 stryker with spoked wheels back in the late 80's, early 90's, so when I saw one for sale locally I decided to really impress my wife and add another bike to the garage.

Its a 82 750 with an 1100 motor. been standing for 10 years. Im currently pulling it apart to see what is missing, broken or beat to death.

Looking online in North America, the only parts fisch I can find is a GS1000s.

Can anybody recommend a good online place to buy parts, specifically for the motor..


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28 minutes ago, rodneya said:

So when I saw one for sale locally I decided to really impress my wife and add another bike to the garage.


Classic !

Microfiche you can find here if you're looking for part numbers www.cmsnl.com

They sell everything but it might get pricey for you overseas. Maybe Partzilla can help ? It's on your continent

Good luck with the rebuild

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6 minutes ago, no class said:


Yup, partzilla is pretty good. Ive got stuff there before, but always shipped to a box in the USA. That way shipping is way faster and there are no extra charges added on for customs. maybe the border will open before I get this thing finished.

Orient Express seems to have some good stuff as well.

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Just received a box of stuff from Partzilla. Everything just dumped in a box with zero packaging so that it can all bash together and get destroyed. Customer service reply. I should pay for return shipping and please make sure that the parts are securely packaged.

I certainly wont be shopping there again.3.thumb.jpg.93afda9e93963cec40ba2e957cc72614.jpg

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1 hour ago, no class said:

so other than the box not being packed properly..... are any of your parts damaged ?

Yup, the starter solenoid left big gouges in the pickup cover. The cover now shows an unavailable on their website.

The stator side emblem also has a nice bend in it. Some of the other bags were ripped by the screws on the solenoid, but they just contained  rubber grommets so no damage there.

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