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Project Killa K


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Feeling weary from yesterday’s track action, so while the sun was out thought I’d give the new bus a once over just to see what isn’t right.

Other than age related stuff everything looks ok,stripped off some dodgy stickers and gave the paint a clean and polish.

The decals on the tank are knackered and some muppet has stuck a tank pad on with glue that’s fooked the paintwork but other than 30 odd years of wear and tear it cleaned up ok.

Set the sag front and rear and had a nice surprise it’s even got a brand new YSS rear shock :).

Other than giving her a good service and junking the standard cans I plan to ride her this year then decide whether to turbo or race prep it for next year.I’ve got some brand news discs kicking about somewhere so if I change them I’ll either put the polished wheels in out the ET or get these ones powder coated.

I blame @Wee Man I hadn’t needed one of these until I saw his bike at the last dyno day it’s took me this long to find one that matches the smoker that wasn’t stupid money 





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5 minutes ago, SiBag said:

@Simbec1863now I see why you were after a single seat hump.

Very nice.

Thanks mate :tu,the few I've found are silly money and even the brand NOS from Suzuki are ng as the bump pad is discontinued but I bet you know this already so I've given up and will replace the tail section with a race unit instead when I find the right one :)

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Not back in the UK until the weekend but then remembered I haven't updated this thread for a while, junked the old cans last month and replaced with some louder shiny ones until the next phase of the project, starting to collect parts already but mainly parts that are just knackered and need replacing anyway.At least she's breathing a bit better although a nasty carb leak on the way home nearly caused a small roadside fire,I had enough piss to put it out O.o, managed to limp home so now need to get the carbs off when I'm back in the UK, although she's bottom of the list behind 2 MOTs, track prepping the smoker for the annual Big Bang and getting the race blandit ready for Cadwell... I really need a job that means I'm home every night xD



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Carbs off after what seemed like 2 hours and mass dismantling of the bike,it’s in pretty good nick under the fairing with a few screws missing and a bit of oil on the engine but looks like it will clean up nicely with most of the paint still looking fresh.My OCD is starting to kick in with me having to stop myself from fully taking it to bits and starting cleaning and refurbing from back to front xD






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Part 2 today,gave the carbs an external quick clean then saw what looked liked araldite on the outside of the leaking carb,opened up the float bowl and found this crap inside it,seems to be fluid tight but looks like it has the wrong length float bowl drain plug fitted,rather than replace it someone in the past decide to bodge the float bowl full of araldite….:(.The carbs will be getting a full clean and rebuild so this will be replaced in due course.






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