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Slabby shock length: eye-to-eye


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Can anyone confirm with the data from 'The Vault' that both 750 and 1100 slabbies use shocks with an eye-to-eye length of ~319mm, so anything near to this will be OK?  (Assuming the ends fit the linkages and nothing fouls.) I have a 750 slabby frame, swingarm and linkage (also have 1100 slab linkage) for a 7/12 build and have seen a possibly suitable shock for a good price.

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The shock I am interested in is ~320mm eye-to-eye but apparently it can be adjusted (Nitron) so maybe OK? It's not that much but as we alll know 'not much' can make all the difference between 'great, fits fine' and 'bollocks, it's not going on in a million years'.

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I’ve got an 11 linkage on a 750 but admittedly am using the 11 arm too & 750 shock. Here’s some pics I found some time back of where you need to remove some meat from the 11 linkage to allow full movement. Don’t have any measurements!

The 7 & 11 arms have a different bearing set up for the linkage too obviously ;)






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On 2/9/2021 at 5:53 PM, Dezza said:

Ok, it may all rest on how much adjustment the Nitron has, unless an 1100 linkage can be used with a 750 swingarm and frame to enable a slightly longer shock to be used.

The 1100 link will make it worse.  320 will be too long. 310mm is about as long as you can get away with iirc.

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2 hours ago, Markz9 said:

slabby is fixed and welded to the swingarm cant adjust the dog bone 

I think he means the linkage arm to which the bottom of the shock attaches.


Anyway, according to YSS shock data, eye-to-eye length for a slabby 750 is 295mm. So a 320 mm shock, even with scope for adjustment, is indeed pushing it a bit and probably asking for grief. So I'll pass on it. Thanks to all for their input :).

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