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GSX750ES engine removal

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I am trying to remove the engine from my GSX750. I have removed all the mountings (what’s with Suzuki using all odd sizes of bolt heads?..), and laid the bike down on its right side. I have jiggled the lump but am now stymied..

I can’t see how to move the engine high enough to clear the sump, but the rocker cover fouls the the frame up top.

Do I have to remove the rocker cover to remove the engine?

Any and all advice appreciated.


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Never removed a  gsx engine, but on a lot of other bikes i have had to remove the rocker cover to get the engine out, every cm counts.

give it a go as nothing to lose for about 10 mins work, but i am sure someone with experience with this bike will be along soon


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2 hours ago, fab said:

i had to remove the cam cover on my gsx1100, so i would say yes you have to remove it

as both motors are physically the same size externally 

Cheers. I had suspected that, just wanted to check with someone who had the same experience. I can now put the angle grinder away :)

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Removing the sump and pick-up is easier than removing the cam cover. If the engine has been standing in a hedge for years both are going to have to come off anyway, although it would have been a whole lot easier to do this before the engine mounts were removed. You'll know for next time though:).

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