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Mikuni RS Flat Slider Float Bowl Vent

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 For nz you have to run anything that could leak  to a small catch tank. Seen everything from coke cans up check the regs 

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Full fairing, no airbox (Pods).  Yup saw Motorcycle NZ rules state it cant be open to atmosphere.

Bugger better make sure I use oversize tubing as would not want to obstruct the vent and affect the float bowl fill rate. Will run them, into the same catch can for overflow pipes.

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@kiwisuzuki1100nzto be fair 10.13 only refers to oil and oil mists which takes into account the air box drain but since you don't have that maybe you could check with your clubs tech rep or rider rep to get a call on that. Most track days don't go to that depth of checks, my experience, is only comp events. I suspect that there are some local interpretations which is why MNZ clarified the classic's requirements for shark fins and engine catch tanks.

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