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A bit of bling


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I am looking to add a bit of bling to my Slingshot in the new year. Thinking of new alternator and clutch cover. Thinking either something like NRC with a ceracote finish or Yoshimura. I believe you lose the oil sensor with Yoshi. Does anybody have any views or experience of options. What colours do you reckon? Also fancy coating the rocker / can cover red. Inspired by the stuff on Moto Junkie from Japan. To go on my Lucky Strike L model. Also as my Cobra exhaust was a massive failure if  I get a visa refund I am in the market for an exhaust. Currently thinking racefit or Moto Junkie bespoketitanium but open to options. All comments gratefully received. Happy new year to all.


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Did this to a standard one a few years ago the night before going to the TT. Luky my neighbour wasn't going so he lent me his from his 1100k. Always had crash cases after that, there all better than the light weight standard ones. IMG_20210102_150024.thumb.jpg.12f193b890a3700191c542e82423f1f9.jpg

Yoshimura one much stronger. IMG_20210102_152513.thumb.jpg.3901969f4f04c803dca5225185d1d7f5.jpg

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Thx Clivegto for all those drool worthy engine cover pics. I wish LMC still made that starter clutch cover, all they make now is standard covers minus the Suzuki logo, why bother? and the LHM pickup cover with I'm, guessing a scavenge pump? awesome! I would buy that. 

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