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What year is mine


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Is there any way to date my bike 

I bought it from a guy that had it from Belgium 

I haven’t registered it as of yet because I’m worried I will cop a load of tax on it for not doing it sooner 

79,89,81 I’m thinking purely because of the style 

im mad about the bike so I’ve got to at some point go through the red tape to Reg it 

from what I understand I will need a letter from somebody who is authorised by dvla in a club to age date it then I can jump through the hoops 

thanks in advance Steve 


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Try your local zuki dealer or Robinsons on 01227 454366 and give them the frame number, should be able to get year, model etc from that as they have done it for me in the past.

Not sure why your worried about back tax, put it on straight on sorn or some people might put the date of purchase as a few days before they send the form to swansea

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