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headlight goes on, indicators go off


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I hate electrics so before I start driving myself mad, I thought I'd check and see if anyone knows what stupid thing I have done wrong/what's broken.

I'm putting my Katana back together and all the wiring works fine, except....

The indicators work properly until I put the main beam on. When I do that, the rears still blink, but the front go off and don't blink.

I have 4 led indicators each with resistors.

I'm hoping it is just a connection I've done wrong?

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I am not sure about high beam (I'll check later). I have ordered the bulb holder for the side light (should be here in a couple of days)... so I don't know about the side light, although when I turn the sidelight on on the switch the indicators work.

Might it be as simple as not having the sidelight plugged in? Sounds odd to me, but I know nothing about this magical electricity!


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LEDs can behave very strangely when incorrectly wired. Personally, I would replace the 'normal' indicators and make sure they work OK first, and then do the LED conversion. Otherwise you could end up chasing your own tail:).

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Tried all sorts. Eventually tried a different type of LED lights I found in the garage. The indicators still become slightly dimmer, but they do work ok. So it's as if the battery was really weak or something (which it isn't). 

Anyway, problem solved ish.

Thanks all


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On 12/15/2020 at 6:20 PM, BigLT said:


I have 4 led indicators each with resistors.


I've never used the resistors before, always used the led flasher relay and never had a problem with led indicator working.

I use the cheep from China (less than £5) ;)

The only time I had a problem was with some with 3 wires as one wire was for a side light in the led indicator and you had to have the lights on for the indicator to work. 

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You shouldn't do but what bike it fitted to?

Got 3 bikes on the road all fitted with led indicators ( each bike has a different type) and have swap led indicators when I've came across something else I like, never payed more than £15 for 4 all came from China/Hong Kong and all I've done on each bike, is put a led Chinese flasher relay on and they have all worked as they should first time.

The only ones I had a dislike to was the ones with inbuilt side lights, as you have to have the lights on for the indicator to work.

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