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Hello some advice required please


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I was a member on the site many years ago, i currently have a few bikes, here's a couple of my air cooled ones.

Has anyone ever fitted a mk2 set of bandit 1200 carbs to one of these engines. I wanted a set of mk 1 carbs but wasted my cash and bought the wrong ones, will they fit ? 


IMG_2721 2.JPG


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2 hours ago, TonyGee said:

the carb spacing is different on mk2's  compared to mk1's .  you might have problems lining them up ? but not sure if you can find rubbers to match.  

I think the stub size is different as well, i was told they were mk1 but alas not, i think i might cut my losses and sell them on.

Thanks for the reply


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7 hours ago, KATANAMANGLER said:

The RS34 flatslides will just work with a minimum of fucking about.  I have 36s on mine but it is tuned 1230. Is that a UK thou you have? ( just based on the smoothbore carbs)

Yes it is a uk1000 with the vm32ss carbs

Ive owned it for a number of years but did a full rebuild on it during the lockdown, i put a gs1000 top yoke on it to fit raised bars, I'm not as young as i was when i got it, its a great bike



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