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GS1000 Headstock


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19 hours ago, mkoppeser said:

What are you trying to work out?

Trying to fit a B6 front end into a 78 GS750, it seems a common swop for a gs1000 but i am having problems, wondered if the GS1000 had a longer headstock than my GS 750 bu no its the same. The B6 headstock is 200mm so looks like i need to cut out 20mm for it to work  :tu

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8 hours ago, mkoppeser said:

I assume you've tried pressing the stem from the GS into the Bandit yoke?

Unfortunately the Bandit top yoke wont fit the GS stem as the hole is to small, even if the hole was enlarged there is not enough thread to fit the bits (nuts ? ) that hold the bearings in.

1 hour ago, Rncv said:

Isn't a B6 stem welded?

No, but the GS one is. 

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Look for a RF600 bottom yoke, same stem length and bearings as the GS/gsx but same fork size and off set as b6 mk1 and the b6 MK1 top yoke fits straight on with no pissing.

As fitted to my gs1000g but I've also used the better rf600 forks.



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47 minutes ago, Mouse said:

Thanks for that Wraith :tu

Found one local to me, will see if he has forks as well.


Don't know if it will sort out your wird bearing problem as they use the same bearings as the GS/gsx/gsxr/bandit id 30mm bottom and 25mm top (stem size)

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On 11/11/2020 at 10:35 PM, wraith said:

they use the same bearings as the GS/gsx/gsxr/bandit id 30mm bottom and 25mm top (stem size)

Ermm sorry, no they don't, the 77, 78, and 79 years gs 750 are 27mm id at the bottom and only seem to have gone to 30mm with the 1980 gsx range, but it seems all the gs 1000 range was 30mm from the get go.

I think this is partly why I am having so much trouble, but by going rf like you suggested hopefully things will be easier, what also is not helping is the gs750 was fitted with ball bearings as standard so by going to tapered bearings it's a bit of guesswork as to what Hight to go for.

Even all balls give three different heights for the bottom bearing 12, 14 or 15mm depending how you search, think i will just go for standard rf bearings when new bottom yoke turns up and see how it goes (y).


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