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Gsx 750es swapping wheels.. frame crooked?


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Hello all..


I am trying to swap wheels in my gsx750es..and am running in to some issues.

I took out the rear wheel to try out the one from a gsx750f.  When the wheel is in the middle of the swingarm it is about 10 mm of with the front wheel.

Been trying all sorts of combinations, the 750f sprocket holder.. a gs500 sprocket holder..

I even put the original wheel back in to see whats up.. and it's not even in the middle, and has about 6 mm Offset from the front.

After fiddling around for half a day it tried it on an other es frame and swingarm..and same issue.

Maybe I am just measuring it the wrong way.... it will be my first build....


My questions..

Is it possible that the gsx750es wheels are not in line (Originaly)... since the fault is the same..

Is it a big problem if the are not in line..

How do I continue.. do I get the frame checked.. or do I just put in the wheel (in line) not in the middle of the swingarm.












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Ideally the wheels need to be in line.

Swing arms are some times offset. Two ways of getting your rear wheel in line, one remove all bodywork strap a long length of angle iron coming from the headstock running down the top tube and on to the rear wheel, you can then get the rear wheel in center.

Then and or two, get two lengths of angle iron put one each side of the wheel and measure the distance from left to right and you can see how straight things are 

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Hey guys..

Thanx for the help.

I did it the way Wraith explained.. and it seems to have worked.

Before I used 1 angle iron and locked the wheel in place using washers, and the measurements where off.

Still think its weird the original wheel was of center.


I took a quick look today, it looks like the gs500 sprocket carrier is a bit narrow.

Using these measurements the rear sprocket goes back 6 or 7 mm , I will try the 600f later this week and see what it does.

I never welded or used a lathe.. I have to get someone to do this.. so i better measure 3 times before i get it wrong :D 


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