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OSS trackdays.


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I know there's a few guys who  race and Trackday their old Suzukis on here.

I keep seeing the Dutch guys have fun on track together from posts on here and FB, so I thought I'd start a thread on here.  Be good to get out on track with some of you guys.

Got a trackday planned.  Post it here and let others know.

@Markz9  @fatblokeonbandit    @R1guy @Billythekidd @MeanBean49 @Allspeeds @KATANAMANGLER @Mole28 @Kid Kearsley @Kamikaze @Rene EFE  @Jelly @Cunnerz77@yann7/11r@Gordon


Sorry if I've missed anyone.



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Me me me......:tu


castle coombe yesterday, good laugh, bit wet for the sighting laps, and a bit odd with no spectators/helpers/assistants  and distancing... but Fun Fun Fun..:)


i think im reaching the limits of the wobbly old chassie, so plan for the winter, More Power and hang on tighter....:D












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33 minutes ago, dupersunc said:

Love Zandvoort. Did some the Malboro masters meetings years ago.  What are the noise limits for trackday there?

I havent been to Zandfort but I think its probably the same as Assen - will find out. I had a rudimentary db killer in my Yoshi duplex at Assen, and had no problems at all. All the locals thought it was fine. Having said that we did also have Hans on side, who had conveniently mislaid his db meter...

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11 minutes ago, Rene EFE said:

Quite a few corners that are downright terrifying in a car, let alone on a bike. 

Imagine a blind corner with 0 runoff and a concrete wall, off camber. 

It’s a beautiful place, but not fit for bikes. 

T3 is definetly sketchy but now heavily banked for the f1 cars.  The next part is awesome flat out 5t gear sweepers then overr the brow into a 4th gear right.

Last 2 turns are mega especially now the last is banked heavily. 

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2 hours ago, Rene EFE said:

I did it a few weeks ago in a Porsche Turbo (natch) at good speed; I really don't see myself doing it. I think it's more dangerous than the TT course tbh.

With an instructor, maybe. Just rolled out the van, still fuzzy and bereft of coffee, in the fast group; fuck no.

OK, OK, I'll do it! You don't have to keep trying to persuade me!

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