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Suzuki GS 750 and that damn Fuel Petcock

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Hello guys, 


i have a little problem and could need some help. My original fuel petcock started leaking and the repair kit didn't fit properly either, so that it was even worse in the end. Seems like that this a common problem among all the repair kits. 

After some research, i found the Tourmax 308 which fits the GS 750 perfectly. The only issue i have is the way the outlet shows...To the right and it's a pain in the a** to properly place the fuel tube..At least for me. There is also no other way to place it cause of the narrow space..Does anyone know a solution or an alternative? Other than the way too expensive pingel version.

 Here is a picture:




The way it is now, it works but it is not perfect and scratches the left side cover as you can see.




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Stop being a lazy bastard, :tu take the seat off, undo the tank rear bolt, pivot the tank up on its two front mounts and attach hose to tap so that its parallel to underside of the tank, then drop tank, bolt up, re install seat and marvel at how inconspicuous it now is!

Brown, suede seat cover . . . . . . . . that's nice in a 70's retro stylee ! ! !  Right up Vizman's alley LOL!

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