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Bandit MK1 12 clutch flywheel rear issuing sprocket

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10 hours ago, Chris2472 said:

Smaller sprocket on rear missing teeth ,needs renewal on just that sprocket,locating bit ?????????????

No can do - its a one piece forging small and big gear and very pricey - someone f**ked up putting the alternator in!

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2 hours ago, Dezza said:

As said above, someone has tightened the alternator retaining bolts without first ensuring the gear teeth are engaged: bull + china shop = expensive damage.


2 hours ago, dupersunc said:

It's the oil pump drive that's bolloxed.



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It normally breaks the oil pump drive teeth if you replace the clutch basket without checking "ALL" the parts are lined up correctly ....common School Boy Error not RTFM  9_9

It's much easier to avoid if you remove the Alternator before fitting the basket :tu

I have some spare teeth from one i bought with the same issue....:pimp:

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