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GSX1100ET Rear shocks


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Hi guys, what replacement rear shocks come recommended for using on my GSX? 

Had bitubos on order but e bay dealer not coming up with the goods! 

Order these elsewhere? YSS? Hagon? 

What say you? 

Also my GSX is black with blue highlights and wheels. Silver / chrome shocks or black? 

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I have been really happy with my Wilbers shocks. But they are a fair bit more expensive than that £400...

I have also tried Hagons and can't recommend them if you need any real performance from the suspension. Damping was pretty crude and they also started leak during the first season. Although this was over 15 years ago so I don't know if their quality has changed since that.

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First run out with maxtons fitted today. I was 2 up, so its only first impression really did around 100 miles round Dorset.20200916_135124.thumb.jpg.e8472adde99015dc720390f804e082fb.jpg

Fitted easily with no problems. They don't supply the lower yoke bolt with the shocks. My old ones were threaded into the yoke, the motors need a nut on the back. There's room so no problems.

They're 20mm longer, and in my head the steering ought to be sharper, got to say I can't really feel it.

Currently they are comfier, moderately compliant and I now have a fairly well controlled back wheel. no wallowing on faster corners.

The damping adjustment I can feel a difference on the road after 4 clicks.



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