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newbie with a efi setup question

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So today I pulled the starter clutch off boy what a mess everything is worn out  as you see its  messed up  going to replace everything and I will have to dress the crank  to get the built up material of of it I can scrap it of with a razor knife  and to think I  thought I messed it up and to find out its been like this for a while . I had to use a puller to get the drive gear off   didn't take much to get it off but i could mot pull it off by hand oh and the stator was loose the three screws that hold it hand come loose. So loose in fact one screw fell out when I pulled the cover off . and one last thing how do I decode the engine number its got a gs1100x-118290 on the case thank you all for the input






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That isn't bad - stop being a girl! Just clean the starter clutch in some petrol / brake cleaner, check the screws fixing it to the rotor and CAREFULLY dress the galling on the crank taper and int. rotor diameter with wet & dry paper, then lap with valve grinding paste - job done. Don't touch the ground surface where the starter clutch rollers run!

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