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Right, as some know I am in France, with the gay 100hp limit put in place back in '84

I have a '93 7RW that I would like to open up to full power.

I believe that unlike most bikes of that era where you just swapped over the carburetor lids, Suzuki went to extra trouble by addressing the following :

- exhaust camshaft


- exhaust header

I have checked the microfiche and it seems that E04 (code for france) does indeed have a part number for the exh cam and the ECU, so anything on Eblag Deutschland should sort that out

My question is about the exhaust

Since they probably sold about five and a half of these bikes back in the day, the supply of performance parts is not exactly amazing nowadays

Has anyone fitted an exhaust header from some other R, i'm thinking SRAD for example ? 

I guess it boils down to downtube length and diameter and spacing of the spigots ?

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k1 1000 ti pipes and later will fit (y and later k series750 are too short) with a bit of heat applied to spread them apart , but the lower part will need adjusting to get round the sump but i cheated by fitting an rf 900 engine instead but you could swap out the 750 sump for an rf 900 one but you will need the rf900 pump pick up as well. Can't remember if anything else is needed. my memory is not very good anymore.. SRAD ones won't fit as the pipes are the wrong diameter. earlier oil one may fit but you will have to ask them who know. Don't mention watercooled bikes in the oil cooled section if you value your self worth tho. they can be a bit touchy. Sssh.  i wasn't me. oh and i can't remember anything much as my memory is bad. did i mention that?


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