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Been having issue with dragging clutch, I have stripped clutch pack and inspected everything. Clutch steels look good and are flat, fibres look good and meet thickness specs. When I looked at rear of clutch hub, I found this. New one now on way, so will find out if this is causing the issue.


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About the clutch. Mine never shifted particularly smoothly and I thought it was just the nature of the beast. Several years ago I had it apart and found a spacer and  shim that were supposed to be behind the hub missing. Their missing damaged the oil pump gear and thrust washer. After replacing the damaged parts and properly shimming the hub it was like a whole new machine.

Great job on saving that mess you bought. It looks great. 

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23 hours ago, inazumarob said:

Thanks Guys, spent far too much rescuing it, but would have been scrapped else. Little bit of work to finish, then on to the next one (1100et)

When has anyone ever come in under budget, restoring old motos is rarely a sensible financial investment. We do it because we love it.:banana:

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