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B6 Speedo sensor


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Had anybody got a part number for the Speedo sensor/rotor  (bit that bolts to the out put shaft  front sprocket) 

For b6 mk2 / gsx600f / gsx750f

Can't find it on Robinson's Foundry site

And is the bolt a m6 or m8 and what length?


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35 minutes ago, Dezza said:

It's the same as used for almost all Suzukis since about 2007 on, and costs a fucking fortune new, something like £105 quid. I got one a while back for a tenner on ebays fom a 2011 GSXR750.

O.o £105 fu#k me

I will keep my eyes open on flybay

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1 hour ago, wraith said:

Next question xD

Is it call a sensor or rotor, see it call both xD just to help with the look out.

Dunno. Try both. I looked it up and the cost for a new one is now £120, and I am not kidding O.o They were used earlier than I thought: e.g. the GSXR1000K1 used one and they sold by the boat load so there should be a few knocking about.

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