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Slingshot headlight rattle


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If I press the headlights on my Slingy at the side they move away from, I assume, the alignment screws and when released return with a small clonk. The point being that only slight pressure is needed to move them so I suspect that on the move, on bumps, the headlamps rattle in their mounts slightly. Is this normal or has something worn or degraded?

Reason I ask is I ended up repairing a speedo needle due the foam mount having degraded and I wondered if there was any foam and or damping rubber in the headlight unit which ought to be restored before the rattling causes any damage. 

Unless 'they're all like that sir'.

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I'm going to update this now that I have chance to investigate this issue properly, in case it helps anyone else in future.

The rattle is being caused by wear in the spherical bearing in the assembly, component #7 on the fiche.  This clips through the retaining ring #5 and wear in the plastic between the two faces of the clip surface is allowing the ring to move ~1mm.

Theoretically you could replace the bearing, they are still available and cheap enough, but my concern was with dismantling everything to do this and possibly breaking other age-fragile plastic clips.  Also no guarantee that the new bearing will be snug if the clip surface has worn too.  My solution was to poke a little silicone sealant between the bearing surface and the clip - once it sets to a rubberised finish it should secure everything elastically but allow future removal if ever necessary.  Actually I used plumbing joint sealer but anything like this will do.

Is it worth bothering? - up to you if you have a set of these lights but personally I don't like anything electrical rattling or vibrating non-elastically as it usually ends in fractures, failures and an expensive ball-ache, so an easy job so why risk the hassle?




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I just wedged a load of bits of pipe insulation down between the lamp bowl and the rearmost plastic housing (4 on 'fiche)

It stopped the bowls rattling about and the lights are pointed forwards still. (My adjusters will just fall to bits if I try to move them.)

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