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Bandit 1200 K4 Engine (KISS)

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Hi guys new & old... so just bought a K4 1200 engine to throw in my Slabby 750... want to ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’... I’m a bit rusty... lol... been a while since I’ve been working on a B12 engine... & that was a Mk1 !!  :S

So guess I can use Slingshot Carbs... can you still get spares for these?... GSXR 11 CDI... & Slabby/Slingshot wiring like my old set up?

Will pick ups need to be changed again !?

Also chose Mk2 as it has a speedo drive off the sprocket cover... as my forks/wheel won’t have a speedo drive... will the Mk2 clocks still fully function with the Slabby/Slingshot loom?... & my Slabby tank has a fuel sender... so guess that’ll work also with the clocks !?

Lastly... maybe I should of done several posts... will standard Slingshot ignition work with the clocks/engine as well... I’m guessing so as it was only a chip/ECU thing before right !?

ps I’m back... older... less wiser as I’ve forgotten a lot of shit... so be prepared for a lot of questions like a newbie !!!!  O.o




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