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I have just bought a 93 pink and purple W

I'm wondering how the decals were made back in the day ?

The gradient from purple to pink looks dotted like offset printing, but it has the same metallic effect as the painted parts (and same colour for the purple)

How were these made ? 

30 years later, who has the now much more modern technology to replicate this effect ?


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They stated that it must have been old school screenprinting with the same pigments as the tank paints, so not possible 

Any metallic suzuki decals will have to be bought through suzuki

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What colour are you looking for ? They still seem to have the ones i need, 200 bucks per side fairing, 180 per seat side, and 120 for the front fairing :)

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Oh right - yeah I'm after the white 'flashes' on the lower bit of the fairing and the top blue/dark/blue/white ones for the top fairing just below the mirrors.


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