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leaking oil cooler

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2 minutes ago, Gixer1460 said:

Radiator refurbisher could do it but they bloody hate oil coolers as the oil contaminates any welding / brazing / soldering. Maybe cheaper / easier to source secondhand !

Thanks...yeah thats what i thought, there are a handful of used ones on the bay, will it have to be for a 750 or will an 1100 fit ? ,and is it a straightforward job to swap over?

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13 hours ago, philwright said:

 for a 750 or will an 1100 fit ? ,and is it a straightforward job to swap over?

I think they are the same - could check part numbers but they still could be the same even with different numbers !

Soak any fixings with WD40 / Penetrating oil before trying to undo anything as steel bolts into alloy will always pose problems - don't rush and don't reach for the hammers ! You will lose some oil (obvs) so be prepared so top up sump if a bottom fed cooler after fitting or fill a top fed cooler before spinning engine over without the plugs in - just makes sure everything is getting oil without load.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still struggling to find a replacement cooler for my bike, loads of coolers out there but most of them have the wrong distance between the top mounting hole centres -  i'm looking for 11cm between centres most are less, i;m guessing the height of the cooler is less important than the width ( because of top mounting cooler line distance) ...there are a few 1100 curved coolers out there that might suit but would the curved cooler fit my bike, 88 gsxr750J ?

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