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19 hours ago, Stuntmonkey said:

How long did it take from order to collection ? Think I may need to ring and see how much deposit is needed.

About 8/9mth mate

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6 hours ago, Trentsteel said:

That is stunning. Nice to see pictures of the swingarm on the jig too. I bet that 8/9 months felt like forever!

8/9 mths of worrying if I'd chosen right seat unit, swing arm etc etc,

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  • 1 month later...

Well no real work done to this, been out the country for a couple of month with work, only been home a few days but started wireing loom, bit of a mare, motogadget speedo cables are fooking tiny, Duke seat unit has little space for everything, started on an exhaust, its going for an sva so needs to be all legal etc, this won't be the final exhaust, its just for sva. Rooster racing has nearly built my engine, his work is amazing, the head work is porn, once i have the lump ill paint it and fit it, undecided on a colour scheme, but i do have a nice pearlescent blue which I,d like to use with another colour or two, 






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  • 5 weeks later...

Not a great lot to really update on here, most of the wiring has been done, but waiting on a headlight turning up along with casings from redsix, look qaulity stuff but their fooking slow.

Picked up my rebuilt engine from rooster racing, the man's a genius and promises it will be a proper arm puller of a lump

Decided I can't live with the gold on the ohlins forks, so their getting polished, i can live with a gold sprocket/chain but thats it, the forks look tacky in my eyes.

Few pics, I'm sure most will not like the engine colour, I do and thats what matters.

Exhaust is temporary, its only to get it through an sva.

Still got a long way to go on it, need to find a colour to go with the pearlescent blue to do a two tone paint scheme on the body work, plus a painter to do it.20200723_111258.thumb.jpg.1170146b923f22fe99f3636e924f7ad6.jpg







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