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Carb question


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So, looking ahead for next project. Carbs.

What's the difference between the gsx750f carbs and the gsxr/b12 carbs all the above have 36mm carbs but and here's the question?

Why are the gsx750f carbs smaller in height? 


Left set gsx750f right set gsxr both 36mm.

Would the gsxf carbs work on a b12 or gsxr motor ?

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I’m using gsxr750 36mm carbs on my b12 dot engine, all good over 4-5k, going to try some bigger pilot jets when I can. 

Also have a set of gsxf carbs on route for another b12 motor. 
don’t all the bandit ones have a TPS on the side? And the throttle cable mount is higher?

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@wraith.  I'm running 1100 carbs on this 750. They look just like the carbs on the right.  They are 36mm. The main difference I've seen is with the emulsion tubes.  The carbs were both 36 mm and looked the same externally but were not internally.  The DJ kit I just ordered was a 750 kit p/n 3135 and the emulsion tubes are way longer than the 1100 kit p/n 3136. Mains and pilots were the same between kits but emulsion tubes and needles are way longer.  This kit has to get exchanged for the 1100 kit.

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11 hours ago, icprey said:

I'm eyeballing this photo probably an ocean's away, but I think those are 36mm vs 38mm.  Quick change bowls and the hose up the side scream 38mm.  Both oval on the intake side?

I have to agree - the 38mm CV's as fitted to the 750's were the only carb (other than RS flatslides) fitted with the MJ access 'nut'. So unless someone has swapped the float bowls onto a rack of 36's, those must be 38's? And they are as tall as 40mm CV's which are huge!

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Main differences between bandit 36mm carbs and  gsxf/gsxr 36mm ones is the TPS on bandit carbs and the carb tops on bandit are taller. Internally there isnt a lot interchangeable either.

I guess the bigger tops are to help make mid range a bit smoother maybe. 

Gsxr carbs be a bit better to use where top clearence is tight

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