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turbo/EFI setup

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On 7/7/2020 at 9:31 PM, GV1390 said:


Some solid info in here thus far, thanks guys!

Question - I see a lot of you are running 4 TB's.....anyone have any info on running a single TB? Setup will a GSXR1100W with a AMR500 blower on  MicroSquirt V3. 

I had one TB on my supercharged EFE.

First there was 65mm TB before supercharger, It was really difficult to ride at low speeds and throttle response was really poor thanks to about 4 litre volume between TB and engine. Idle was impossible to get steady. It oscillates between 1000 - 3000 rpm.

Next step was blow through 44mm TB with mechanical blow off valve. It was a lot better, but still the throttle reponse was a little slow. With 44mm TB there was 222 rw HP. After 80% throttle opening fuel map remains nearly same. I think with one 44mm TB is possible to get about 250 rw HP.

Now there are "normal" set up with 4x32mm TB:s and 65mm mechanical blow off valve. Throttle response is nice and linear.

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On 2/9/2019 at 10:27 PM, no class said:

Just want to add my findings concerning the 01'-03' gsxr 600 throttle bodies onto a oil cooled gsxr / b12. ( not the 2007 gsxr 600 tb's above)..... the closest configuration is 13110 / 13110 / 13140 / 13140  intakes ( I used the 1100 L ). Using the above mentioned method or with 1/4" thick flap wheel . Setting depths is important . The throttle bodies will fit this configuration but since there is a slight difference in center to ceter spacing ....it will require some muscle to pop them in .




Rubbers from b12 gen2 32F0  are dimensions 80-85-80. Is it  chance to little stretch to fit it to gsxr600 K1 throttle body (80-80-80) ?

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21 minutes ago, gmansyz said:

Riddle this please, would you be able to use the outside cylinders. #1 & #4, on cyls two and three? To get the spacing right?

Also, why so small tb's? 32mm. 42mm would be a better bet. Or at least 38's.


32F0 is only rubbers name, They are about 41mm diameter. This rubbers are different then others oilcoolers, they are different distances between carbs inlets (cyl1- 80mm -cyl2- 85mm -cyl3- 80mm -cyl4)  I will give a 5mm spacer sleeves between cyl 2 & 3. TB is gsxr600 K1/2/3.

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On 8/6/2020 at 11:07 PM, gmansyz said:

Ooh. Okay.

But why not use older GSXR 1100 intake manifolds? 13110/20/30/40 17DO? These take the 40mm CV Mikuni's. 

Just my thought.


On 13110 ... it is still 77-93-77 . Middle we can correct by distance between TB, but 77 mm don't. Now its fit perfect. Do You think it is big difference between 38mm and 40mm mainfolds with non turbo engine ?

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On 8/5/2020 at 3:34 PM, redwater said:

Rubbers from b12 gen2 32F0  are dimensions 80-85-80. Is it  chance to little stretch to fit it to gsxr600 K1 throttle body (80-80-80) ?

I did not use b12 intakes....I used gsxr 1100 but in different configuration ..... 13110,13110-13140,13140..... the gap is less than 5mm . it’s not a 100% pop in but does not require tb respacing or fuel rail mod ..... I had the parts laying around and gave it a go ......and as you can see they fit on ..... no tie downs or ratchet binders needed . if it helps anyone out .... good.... but yes.... it’s not the “propper” method of course

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