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No spark on EFE engined Katana


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Hello everybody,

as the title says, my EFE engined Kat shows no sparks. I measured around everywhere I could, all I know is there should be a spark but there isn't. Changed CDI, still no spark. Is there any measurements I can take from the CDI just ot make sure both I have are not fooked?

Complete loom is also EFE btw.



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Hmm.. I think the spark test IS the way to test a CDI. But as you've swapped it out with no change of results, it seems very likely the fault lies elsewhere. I reckon using a multimeter any generated pulses should be detectable  though, but I've never tried that myself.

To limit the number of variables (and the loom) perhaps the best way forward is making a bench setup of the ignition system. Pull the coils, signal generator and CDI from the bike and hook them up in a simple circuit a shown on the diagram in the manual. Battery can stay on the bike via leads or use a different power supply,

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