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Draw through carb and carbon seal ponderings

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I have been asking the same questions, what turbo to use. I have seen a few garretts thats are carbon sealed already. There is a company in the states that sells turbos with both barbon and standard seals just waiting to hear back from them..


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Where are you? UK, USA or somewhere else? If the former why buy from the States when there are plenty of turbo suppliers here - Turbo Dynamics in Christchurch, Dorset have helped me out plenty of times in the past.

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On 4/15/2020 at 4:40 AM, Samikoo said:

I´m very aware that there are many topics and projects that have something to do with draw through turbo systems, but I was just wondering if there are some basic guidelines to how it should be done?

Carb size for example; what size works best for given cc? Street or drag?

Carb style; flatslide or round? Does a cv carb work at all?

I´ve seen people use S&S Shortys, Mikuni HSR 42´s and whatnot. What would you recommend, and why?

This week I´ve been mostly interested in a streetable carb for a 750cc bike, do you have any recommendations?

All I know from what I read in your topic is that the HSR carburetors are very good carburetors! Had one on my trail bike, and I loved it. runs smooth and a very good throttle response, awesome acceleration pump.

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3 minutes ago, slabbyfaceddean said:

What do people think of the T25 T28  Turbos for power 1216 Busa pistons etc 

They were the circa 300hp turbo go to back end of the 90's and early 00's - mainly blow through on Busa's. I'd say 250 - 280hp realistically in a GSXR installation?

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