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RF900 fuel tap/tank outlet

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messing about to see if i can get a remote fuel tap on my WN 7/11 and ive got an RF 600 tap and outlet im gona try but just wonderd if someone with an RF900 could take some pics and mesurements of the tank outlet feed pipe diameters and is it just the two outlets main/reserve ect like on the RF600 (just to know if the 900 one will flow more fuel then the 600)




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im  guessing by all the answers that everyones thinking WTF is he on about :D

this is the outlet and tap from an RF600  single outlets for on/res and a non vaccum fuel tap and it bolts straight onto a WN tank ( i think slingshot as well)

was wondering if anyones knows if the RF900 one is bigger bore size or the same part 





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