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Slabby Swingarm question again


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Good evening all, 

http://oldskoolsuzuki.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Swing-Arms1.pdf  in regards to the link posted on this site- I am right in saying that a slabby 750 arm will go in a slabby 1100 frame? Now I've searched the topics but can't seem to find anyone who may have done it. Cant see why anyone would as the 750 arms are shorter? (its more common the other way round isn't it?)

Anyhow- Has anyone done this? if so, Was it a straight swap?

Last question and my most important one is, the distance/angle between the centre of the main swingarm pivot tube to the centre of the suspension link arm fixing (on the swingarm) the same distance and/or angle? and the position of the frame bracket to link arm are they located exactly the same on the 750 frame and 1100 frame? 


hope some of that makes sense and thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some information for this 


cheers bobby


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1100 and 750g/h arms are the same length.  750f are shorter.

I've fitted an 1100 arm to a 750 frame, but the shock top mount swing arm link mount,  the cushion lever  and shock length are all different between the 1100 and 750. 

It can work but takes some faffing about to get the correct combination of parts.

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The reason I am asking is because I’m fitting a Metmachex swinger in it and although stamped on it is Gsxr 750 1100 it can’t surly can’t be for both- now knowing they are not a straight swap between original arms.


im now about sure that the Metmachex is for a 750. I still want to be able to use it, just a lot of head scratching at the moment 

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