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Turbine A/R

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I highly doubt that anyone can provide you a direct comparison between those two turbine housings. At least not on similar engine setup than yours. On general level I can tell you that smaller one will spool up earlier and also make less power when pushed to the limits due to higher exhaust pressure :P

But to get somewhere please tell a bit more about your setup? What engine, how much boost or power you are planning to use? With that info we can maybe make some educated guesses if the smaller housing will be an issue.

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1157 B12 engine, will be bored to 1216 with Gen 1 busa pistons/rods/2mm spacer. Stock head, 01-03 gsxr 600 TBs. I imagine the most I would ever want to run would be 18psig. @nitro said he ran a gt2860r gen 1 with a .64 hotside on the street and it seemed to be an ideal setup for him. Piggybacking on that recommendation, I was curious to see if anyone had any empirical results on whether the .57 was running into peak power prior to finishing the rev range.

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Hmm, I would guess that engine combo could output slightly over 300hp at 18psi. That's still quite far from maximum capacity of the GTX2860R so even the smallest exhaust housing shouldn't be huge restriction. Most likely bigger housings will produce slightly more power at the same boost but probably the difference won't be dramatic at that power / boost level.

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41 minutes ago, Arttu said:

No problems. Just keep in mind it was only an educated guess, not proven fact ;)

Time will tell. I believe with the difference between .57 and .64 it is pretty low risk regardless. As with all OSS info, its subject to change until built and tested.

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