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slabby 750 and 1100 rear suspension link arm differences


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Hi, Can anyone help me by telling me what the differences are between the suspension link arm between the 750 and 1100 slabby. Im struggling with an aftermarket swingarm swap. basically I believe that the swingarm I have is for both the 750 and 1100 and I am trying to work out what I'm missing or need to do extra if anything. thanks bobby

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Here’s some info I’ve posted many times so hopefully it’ll help you

Swinging arm pivot is the same on both (I've had both arms in my 750) @ 235mm with end caps.  

Linkage pivot is 45mm on both arms.

750 arm length centre to centre is @ 570mm (750G)

My 11 arm is extended so can't give you a true measurement on that.

I know you said linkages later but    forgive me, I'm on a roll...the bearing set up is different on each linkage. The 11 has a bearing in the eccentric bit of the linkage as opposed to it being on the 'ears of the arm' on the 750.

Trusty exploded diagrams will explain 

750 arm


1100 arm


750 linkage


1100 linkage



you can use an 11 linkage with an 11 arm in a 750 but will need to mod the linkage as described below as this will give it full travel instead of it fouling the frame. 







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