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Dyna 2000


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7 hours ago, badger said:

It's about a 3rd of the price, much better for plug and play, plug in quick shifter, 2 step built in, boost related advance if you wish. It does loads! Also dyna quality  is a bit shit from what I've seen in the past few years

As 4x Dyna 2000 user with no problems, I hate to concur with Badger but the Ignitech does seem feature rich for lower cost - I guess it's the march of technology ....... the Dyna is getting on for 20+ years old now!

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I have a dyna2000 that has been through 2 electrical melt downs. And alternator failure and many cornish winters which is still going! BUT I've heard of so many lately that have lasted no time at all from new. A few even dead out the box! 

Like you said, technology moves on but the dyna stuff hasn't changed in 20 years! 

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