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Harris Magnum - where to put everything


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Fairing now being prepared for one of my shite paintjobs. I have discovered though that it is true that toothpaste removes the scratches from old screens:) And it works on old light lenses too.

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All painted and Dzued-up. The bottom part of the fairing is a pig to put on and it's just as well the paintjob is cheap crap: it's very easy to scratch something.










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After sourcing some headlight relays for my other OSS project that do not require 99 spade connectors, I decided to get some on the Harris. So I made a new loom for the headlights and a small subloom for the new relays that take block connectors. I wished I had these on it years ago as it saves quite a bit of space under the tank. Whilst I was at it, I fitted a new Electrix RR I bought last year from another OSS member. After being off the road for the past week of good weather, the bike is now ready to sit in the garage when it pisses it down tomorrowO.o






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On 9/23/2020 at 5:58 PM, clivegto said:

IMGP0902.JPG.4d641f8fb9faf0d32ecb187c6391d15b.thumb.jpeg.86b18af47b377d301f7325ec9b7bfad3.jpegThe brackets for the coils are they a bolt on item or part of your frame. 

They are bolt-on. It's a one-piece alloy bracket that bolts onto the rear two lugs that are welded onto the frame to mount the back of the fibreglass electrics tray. It's a squeeze, but the ZZR coils fit in nicely. Using big fat coils like Dynas may cause clearance problems but  I do not know this for sure.

Another point that is very interesting to the rivet counters/those who walk around Stafford Show with vintage Harris paddock jackets on, is that if the frame has lugs to mount coils brazed onto the frame then the bike was built as a complete machine by Harris in their Hertford gaff rather than supplied to a customer as a frame kit to build at home:).

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