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Help with Tacho speedo fitment

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Hi ladies and gents. 


I own a mk2 1200 and I have just fitted a Daytona Velona 80. I have managed to get everything working but the speedo. 

Following the wiring diagram I connected my white wire (pulse) from the daytona (no other wire from the daytona) to the pink/black of the mk2 loom. Put 12v to the orange wire of the speedo pick up and kept the black/white negative of the speedo pick up. 

I cant seem to get the speedo to register any speed. 


What am I doing wrong. 3 wires from the speedo pick up and all connected. 

Does anyone know the PPR (pulse per rotation) of the mk2 bandit, could that be the issue. 

All help is appreciated 



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on stock sprockets, you shoud get 12 pulses per rear wheel revolution


It's possible that the sensor requires only 5v power....my Koso had a warning not to supply 12v to the sensor as a 12v pulse returning to the speedo may damage the meter.

(The meter has a 5v sensor supply wired from it.)

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I am interested as to how the Daytona unit works with a stock Blandit mk2 speed sensor as that is my intention on my project bike. The bloke at digitalspeedos.co.uk is very helpful and he informed me that Daytona units can be used with the associated wheel sensor or with a stock Suzuki sensor. I have not looked at the destruction sheet on my Daytona unit yet but on my Koso (which works with a 12v feed!) it has all kinds of different settings. For the speed sensor all that is required is to input the circumference of the wheel, in my case the rear wheel. So, if it used for example the same sensor on the front sprocket, depending on the final drive reduction, the front sprocket rotates multiple times for each rear wheel rotation. When inputting the rear circumference, then if the final drive ratio is used as a correction factor, the speedo should read true. E.g. if the final drive reducxtion is 3:1, the front sprocket turns 3 times for each single rotation of the rear sprocket/wheel/trye. On inputting data to the unit, if tyre circumference/3 is used, the speedo should work if the sensor is on the front sprocket rather than on the rear wheel. You need to find out how the Daytona guage is set up for different bikes (e.g. variation in tyre sizes) and how these are inputted to calibrate the guage correctly. If it isn't clear, then email digitalspeedos.co.uk and he will help you:)


Just looked at the unit I have, it's a velona 15k multi gauge. The instructions are all in Japanese so that's a real fucking help:(

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Strange - he is usually very helpful. Do you have an instruction sheet in English? I have 8 pages of gobbledegook in Japanese and I can only find single sheet 'manuals' for the wrong units on the interwebs. Daytona's website is terrible:(

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