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harris magnum 2 katana 1100 motor

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9 minutes ago, busa ash said:

ultrasonic carb cleaner fluid  from Eblag mate gallon lasts ages , i add 10% of the total tank capacity  as per instructions , i turn carbs ever 15mins heat at 60 degres c usually run machine for an hour so get on with other jobs while it does its thing 

Are you using distilled water as well or just tap water. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Small update . Money is tight so doing bits when I can .


Vm29ss carbs pumped valves in float bowl stuck solid. One out with compressed air .

Soaked with plus gas heated . Chilled in freezer .... until I got fed up 

Decided to drill two small holes and used circling pliers .

Tad ahh 



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@busa ash Just started following this ;) 

So my observations so far: Bloody good work :) 

However i would def change them light brackets for steel as the bent ally will break eventually with vibrations, been there!

Also what did you pay for the VM29s & the make of the fizzy bath? Have just acquired a set of VMs myself & wonder if i got a bargain?

Oh & any tips, & where did bellmouths come from?

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4 hours ago, dupersunc said:

I thought the tank was a recent Alf Mosel creation? Not that it really matters.

Unknown from my end mate, just bought as a project from yoshi Johnny.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Had few nights in garage tidying up again , few Small jobs done , spacers made and brackets fabbed , happy how the colours have turned out just hope the engine is a good one , as it's been in the frame for a long time before yj bought it . Old age expecting problems before I even get to starting motor 9_9 . 





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12 hours ago, Romski said:

Looking awesome, did you just take the base off the carbs before they go in the Fizz?  

I did take jets and floats off too then  do for an hour turning every 15 mins 

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1 hour ago, Magoo said:

Any chance you could show a close up of your rear shock mount (swingarm end)?

I'm looking for inspiration as to swingarm options for my mag2

Will see what I can do with pics later 

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On 2/10/2020 at 9:11 AM, busa ash said:

Will see what I can do with pics later 

Thanks mate, How have you attached the shock to the  swingarm? I see your shock sits higher than the eye that you've welded to the arm.

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2 hours ago, Magoo said:

Thanks mate, How have you attached the shock to the  swingarm? I see your shock sits higher than the eye that you've welded to the arm.

I have made two plates out of scrap aluminium 10mm plate as a temporary  fix to get angles and ride height , these will be re done when paint gets sent away .

Few pics to show the idea , from my phone as I am not with bike 




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