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Engine to tank clearance rule?


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Question on recommended clearance from the top of the valve cover to the bottom of the tank.

On my B12 zuma, the gap is smaller than I'd like, <10mm. I'm imagining in some worst case scenario, say I forget about this and in a year sling a heavy tank bag on there, it could contact, and hot engine directly contacting a metal tank would be bad news. 

Is there a rule of thumb for this in terms of clearance? Plan is to space the front mount up with some rubber strips to gain an extra few mm - does anyone use any heat reflective / insulation material in applications like this? Am I worrying too much as long as there's some fresh air there?

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As long as there is fresh air between the tank and engine you'd be ok unless your rubber are very soft.

I've seen some race bikes use heat reflective tape/ insulation on tanks but this is more to keep the fuel cool for better performance.

If you're worried about it, there is no harm in lifting the tank.

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