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B12 turbo 1216cc oil wet inlet valves

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Just quicky anyone cine across this wet inlet valves,  puff smoke when rev,d at idle. Fresh built. Busa slugs fresh bore new stem.seals oem!  New turbo (Not chinky) Makes great power no issues there. Just wet oily inlet valves? Heads up anyone.cheers Fula.

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Could be ^^^ but more likely (in my opinion!) too much oil pressure to turbo / drainage from turbo.

It gets past the bearings, into airflow and coats the inlet tract. Mine does it and it coats the insides of the intercooler as well - at least the aluminum won't rust!

I have really choked down on the oil feed to the turbo - 1mm jet - but it still does it and at present I can't be arsed to sort it!

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Ta boys , yes bike in question had oil restrictors I fitted ,Removed as a turbo specialist from car place told owner turbo was getting to hot.!!!  Anyways he's putting those back in. And replacing valve stem oil seals with vitton ones, Guides are ok as motors only covered 11k . Just odd one for sure. Thanks again for replys.

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OEM valve seals are usually the 'gold standard' - aftermarket ones usually cause problems / wear out prematurely!

Car turbo specialist - there's an oxymoron. The adequate dribble of pressurised oil won't do 'jack shit' for cooling - they are designed to run at and in excess of 900 deg. of course it's hot - thats how they work!

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