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Turbo drain sump

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I am not 100% convinced that my turbo is high enough to properly drain into my sump under gravity. It might be, but I won't know until I get the bike full of oil and at its final stance. I can't move the turbo, so I am contemplating a sump and scavenge pump.

I have two questions - does anyone know of mechanical pumps still out on the market? I have done a ton of searching, but I only come up with dry sump car systems (extra massive overkill) or references to pumps that seem to be defunct (emtes for example). If anyone knows of a good mechanical pump, please fill me in because I am getting nowhere. Second question is do I need sump or tank or whatever? I have noticed a lot of guys just running the -10 turbo drain line straight into an electric or mech pump. I like the simplicity of this setup, but I worry about not having a vent on the line between the turbo and the pump. In my mind you want the turbo to drain to atmosphere and have the scavenge pump pulling from a vented tank. I hope I am wrong, because I hate the idea of a bunch of unnecessary parts!

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