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Srad 750 Gsxr1000 Engine Swap

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9 hours ago, Leblowski said:


9 hours ago, Leblowski said:




I could have done the same with the framemounts as i had the k4 thou frame too but choose not to so i could always mount the 750 engine when needed. Welding radial brake mounts on a srad 600 fork ! I would like to see some pictures:)




Just wish I had kept the bloody mag now. Heres a kwaka done the same way ,this done by  TPE UK though  . C model ZX9 R with GPZ 900r bodywork, the original NINJA Brackets welded onto fork lowers to take Radial brakes and compression adjuster still able to be used




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It’s a bit sluggish lately package was lost in post finally got my checked and upgraded rearshock back, already did the seals in front end wich is fairly easy compaired to older upsd forks.

Got a lineair springkit to suit my weight still waiting for parts to upgrade the cartridges so i can finish the front end

If your suspension is shite the benefits of more power are lost so a costly but good investment

Also upgrading to 520 chain while i am at it.



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Really impressive build, this sleeper will be a head scratcher for anyone on a modern litre bike :D 

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Haard of this build By yourself Sander, first time I am Reading this topic. One word; super!!

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Bike is almost finished just need to fabricate a db killer. In the future the bike will be updated with a digital dashboard wich will be able to keep track off laptimes and much more.

I love it that you can’t see it holds a thousand engine at first glance, all fairing fits like a glove after little work.

3 and 4 august will be the shakedown on the track of Croix.

Also booked Almeria in october wich is a good track for a thou, looking forward to that.






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Cracking build (y) a proper sleeper. I have a srad in my shed all I need now is a right off 1000.

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Made a DB Killer wich i hope is efficient enough to keep it silent enought also bought a K7 slipperclutch wich should be a one on one swap in the k4 engine.

Already bought a k5 cover a few months a go wich is also needed when this swap is done.




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Aftermath Croix 3&4th of August

As earlier announced we did the shakedown of the Srad 1000, and a proper shakedown it was.
Pushing a bike that’s thrown together from various Parts for the first time get’s the gremlins surfacing.

Day one:

Wow this is an intimidating bike!! i am used to an old slabby 750 this is no comparison.
It will wheelie from first to 4th gear and wants to throw you off. To get the bike where i want it i need to hang beside it.

That’s nice, cause i was searching for more power but this means i need to learn how to ride this, cause my lap times are the same as on my slabby.

But it’s not all good, on low revs it feels like it runs on two cylinders so suddenly it goes on four cilinders and pulls (not exactly what you want).

- Brake pressure is on-off on-off 
- Apparently too much oil in the engine
- Front end is all over the place while braking hard.

Day two:

Skipped a session and put new brake fluid in the system (it was new but probably there was air in there) 

- Got some oil out of the engine
- Got the front suspension sorted thanks to Team BRS / BRS Suspension Works
- Rene EFE  brought some new spark plugs wich where fitted saturday evening.

After the first session of the day it all seemed sorted.
Brakes were good, engine picked up as it should and front suspension worked.
I had no travel left on Saturday which caused it felt bumpy under braking after some extra damping and rebound it was sorted.

Laptimes went down and at the end of the day i managed to get 4 seconds of my previous pb on the slabby there.

After all it was a successful weekend!!

Still there’s work to do on my own riding style and on the bike.

I already have a power commander to get fuel sorted, slipperclutch will be mounted and some small adjustments will be made to get it ready for the next track days at Almeria in october.

Also need to mount a steel rearsprocket as the alloy one is dead after one day.





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Started last week updating the powercommander i recently bought with new firmware i had problems loading maps but that’s sorted now.

@t croix i experienced a bogging engine wich later on turned out to be  a faulty/dirty injector as the FI light kept coming on after getting the ecu in dealermode i was certain it was the problem as C34 came up.

so cleaned the injector the redneck way and resetting the ecu the FI is gone.

Next is mounting the slipperclutch, remote brakeadjuster, new exhaustgaskets and crashcover for the engine and i am almost read for Almeria !


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1 minute ago, Captain Chaos said:

how do rednecks in Holland clean injectors?


I did it this way worked for me, plan B was ultrasonic cleaning but not neceserry.

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If you are chewing up alloy sprockets in one track day you have an issue some where.

should get a good year of trackdays out of one.

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15 hours ago, dupersunc said:

If you are chewing up alloy sprockets in one track day you have an issue some where.

should get a good year of trackdays out of one.

I get your point, the alloy sprocket is still usable but never had that kind of wear on a steel one before.

Friend of my does about 5 or 6 trackdays with an alloy one hes a thou too

Croix is a start and stop track so that doesn’t help either.

The chain i am using is not brand new and might not be up to the hp the thou has, for example it could stretch to much wich causes the Wear. I Bought a few 520 chains from a raceteam that stopped racing with 600’s.

Gonna put on the steel sprocket and see what happens, it needs to last 4 days in Almeria after that i might buy everything new. Going for diff gearing also cause Almeria needs more topspeed

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14 hours ago, bluedog59 said:

Croix on a 1000, I bet the right under the bridge is "interesting".:D

The whole experience on the thou was quit interesting B|

Croix is not the best track for a thou your better of with a 600 there i reckon

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Circuito de Almeria Aftermath

From the 1st till the 4th of October I went to Spain for some tracktime @ Circuito de Almeria with Focused Events

Rain and 12 degrees in Holland so it wasn't a punishement to fly to Almeria where the sun shines and 15 degrees warmer.
Still when you land and step out off the plain the heat hits you like a brick wall, dont get it wrong we are not complaining.

Day one was all about getting used to the heat and get the feel of the track again, bear in mind that I crashed at Almeria last year so for me it was quite a challenge to overcome my fears. After a few laps i felt comfy and suddenly had my first near highsider on the 1000 Srad. Time for new tyres, And remind a 1000K4 is not the same as a slabby 750....

Day two was all about trackinstruction under the guidance of Steve Brogan wich was very helpfull. At the last session of the day the air valve of the rearwheel decided not to cooperate wich left Me with a flat tyre while i was braking at the straight with 250 kmh. Imagine a bike braking out to left and right with that speeds luckily i managed to keep the bike under control and didn't crash. 
Whole day long it was a problem to do constant laps the bike was misbehaving in high speed bends downhill, wich ment there was work to do,

Day three was a perfect day, after getting some suspension advise from Bob Stöpler and put into use sorting the rearwheel I was back in business. Finally hitted the apexes like i wanted so managed to get the laptimes like i had last year. The bike started too behave wich gave confidence. A while back ik fitted the k7 slipperclutch and i can recommend a slipperclutch to everyone it’s awesome !

Day four was all about getting home in one piece so no rush to get better laptimes. Riding lines lines lines lap after lap.
Skipped the last session to load up gear and bikes into the crates.

It was a perfect Track Holiday superb weather, nice hotel, good food, and friendly spanish folks. I can recommend trackdays abroad to everyone !! Back in Holland now rain and even colder 9 degrees.
Hopefully next time in Spain Team Banana will be in it's full form accompanied by @Rene EFE and @Jelly

A big thanks to everyone who was there with Me and offcourse Focused Events for the perfect organisation and hospitality







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15 till 18 januari @t Almeria again to escape the cold weather in Holland.

Been at the dyno and got af sorted nice lineair curves and 148 BHP at the Wheel very good imho for a 16 year ook enige wich stood for a couple of years.

Installed four other injectors, now fault indications are past time.

Installed heavier front springs and a laptimer and got a bigger rearsprocket wich i will install at Almeria.

So the bike is ready to go !

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Back in Holland


Had a blast, book behaved good although front suspension is still not stiff enough so back to the drawingboard.

Got free lessons from  my mate wich resulted in better bodypostion, better lines and lower laptimes.

So happy man !



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Posted (edited)

@Leblowskithis is a great build, I'm very impressed!  How did you mount your upper rear engine mount to the frame?  I can see one picture where it looks to have 1 bolt holding it on, so did you drill right through the frame and nut and bolt it, or something else?  Thanks!  

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