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1100 slabby linkage into 750 slabby - how?


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OK, probably been asked before but here goes...

Got a Hagon shock in my Skoal Bandit slabby project bike.  The rear end sits a bit low to the eye so wanting to put an 1100 linkage in (have already sourced one). Have heard it mentioned that it needs modifying, so am wondering what I need to do to mod it to fit?

Thanks :)

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At the risk of being burned at the stake (g -I-xxer content follows) heres a link to the mod I recently stumbled across on a FB slabby group. https://www.replace with the banned name for gsxrs.com/forums/15-oil-cooled-gixxers/168926-1100-linkage-mod.html?fbclid=IwAR0EGcdRIDzb8NJBDb6q4Jue8xR62tHRcluWlavhNBgcM4DZEnDKcqu-FaU



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