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Hi All,

So my ET project is at the point I need to think about footrests.

Basically I could do with some pics of how people have fitted aftermarket rearsets.

Also is there something from a particular model that works ? later GSXR R1 ?

Has anyone had muck luck with the Chinese specials surely theyre too good to be true ?

I have used the search but theres a thousand different ways people have gone with this, I want to end up comfortable so if you have made a balls up before in regards to location please shout up .

Cheers  Mick

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I have gsxr750k4 on my gsx1157et project.

The only thing you need to look out for when fitting is where the banjo bolt and line goes if your bracing the frame ;)

I've heard people saying the Chinese rear sets seem to be good and they are cheep :D but if you want a bit more confidence in them get them off a UK seller but you will pay at least £50 more for the same thing xD

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10 hours ago, mick-ne said:

Thanks for the replies will have a look at  k4 and cbr600,

Is yours comfy Paul, theres loads of pics on projects but some look a long way back compared to others.


Mines comfy for me Mick, the rearsets are low though for my old legs to be where I need them.:tu

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I've got a set of Raasks on mine, but changed the mounting plates.

The originals had that jockey thing going on and my legs won't have that!

Mine are now rearward, but not much higher.....really comfortable.

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