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Teapot prepared for the season after 120kkm


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I've been thinking about needles for a long time. Unfortunately, thirty years and a good mileage have done their job. The 21st century gives us some opportunities, and even in me in a forest settlement, a courier will bring you anything you want. In the picture you can see the cover with 1052, which goes perfectly under the crossbar of the frame, the engine is 1157. The carbons have been a teapot and the characteristics are really cool for tourism.

Road tests made. Everything works as it should :)


nowe iglice.jpg



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Last months are very dynamic. In January I became a father, 
then a pandemic attacked us, so I have 
a lot of work (I'm a paramedic in emergency services).
Closing the borders blocked my family motorcycle project, because 
the parts are still in Ukraine: / (in a word, I will not mention here, 
because the base is a motorcycle on Y).
I decided to improve the GSX750/1157F Teapot, after the new tires 
and factory fairings bought last year it's time for specifics :)

On the local classifieds site I came across a front suspension from the SRAD 750. 
It didn't look good, but the price allowed me to take the risk. 
I went, looked and bought. Hmmm .... what have we got here? 
Front fender from GSXRW, brake calipers with GSXR 750 K1? 
Sterring stem incomplete and in a not very satisfactory condition: P 
What to do? Phone, computer and we work :)
In the coming days should come all the necessary pieces of the puzzle. 
The photo will be added as the work progresses :)



Improvement is more than expected.
I do not like the fender I have,

I have to look for something prettier :)


Now it would fall out to change the rear rim to something wider.

Will srad 600 be a good solution? ;)









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new pics
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Returning to the rear wheel idea;)
After careful study of the catalogs, the SRAD 600 rim drops off.
I will not choose such bearings that it works in the teapot rocker arm.
I can only choose the wheel from GSXRW or B12.
A topic for further reflection.
This season, My Wife will not go too much with me anyway,

because she is looking after our litle daughter, and I am riding on one person GSXRW: P

I don't know how you are, but I have beautiful weather.

Take advantage of Sunday, unfortunately I will sit at work until 7pm.

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